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Poland's new rightwing government yesterday risked a damaging confrontation with Russia when it published a Warsaw Pact map showing detailed plans for Soviet nuclear strikes against western Europe.

Poland threw open the doors of its military archives to show how most of Europe would have been laid to waste in a nuclear conflagration between east and west. Dating from 1979, when presidents Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev were discussing detente, the map showed how Warsaw Pact forces would have responded to an attack by the Nato alliance.

From: The Guardian

U.S. Nuclear Submarines to Leave Italian Island Base

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The United States navy is closing its submarine base off the island of Sardinia, one of only two stations in the world outside the United States that services nuclear submarines, the Italian Defense Ministry said.
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The European parliament has adopted a text on the non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
This is a very long resolution, even by EU standards.
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Nuclear Weapons in Europe

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Europe is currently one of the most heavily nuclearised continents on the planet. Four nuclear weapon states base nuclear weapons in Europe (US, UK, France, Russia). There are also a number of non nuclear weapon states that host US nuclear weapons under NATO nuclear sharing agreements.
You can find an overview of nuclear weapon in Europe on our clickable map and more details on each of the nuclear weapon states below.
There are currently 6 "Nuclear Weapon Free Zones" in the world, 5 of which cover continents in the Southern Hemisphere. We must work to ensure that such a Nuclear Weapon free zone becomes a reality in Europe as well.

Chernobyl +20 Walk (Belgium): Take steps to end nuclear power!

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From Saturday April 15th to Wednesday April 26th 2006 For Mother Earth, the Flemish
member of Friends of the Earth International, organises a 150 km anti-nuclear walk across
Belgium from the nuclear power plant (NPP) of Tihange (near Namur) to the NPP of Doel
(near Antwerp) to mark the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The walk will draw
attention to the many problems related to the use of nuclear energy including reactor
safety; the unresolved problem of nuclear waste storage; the high costs of atomic energy;
the growing terrorist threat for nuclear power stations; human rights violations due to
uranium mining and the storage of nuclear waste on the lands of Indigenous Peoples; and
the proliferation of civilian nuclear technologies to military programs.

More info: www.motherearth.org/tour
Senator Jack Reed and Senator John D. Rockefeller have introduced an amendment to the US Defense Spending bill concerning the US nuclear weapons in Europe.

ElBaradei says nuclear states too slow disarming

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The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog chastised nuclear powers on Monday for reducing their arsenals too slowly and said the international community has made little progress toward a post-Cold War world that was no longer dependent on nuclear weapons.
From: Reuters
A clown army, bombspotting actions at nuclear weapons bases, peace blogs, and actions during the NATO summit next year in Brussels, were part of intense discussions and planning last weekend in Milano. Youths from 7 countries, namely: Italy, France, Belarus, Ukraine, the UK, Germany and Belgium, formed a network to cooperate more closely for their common vision of a nuclear-weapons-free Europe in a nuclear-weapons-free world.