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45 youth from many different organisations from all over Germany write an open letter to the German government, in which they demand an end of German participation in NATO nuclear sharing and a withdrawal of the nuclear weapons deployed in Germany. (More)
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament today strongly condemned North Korea’s underground test of a nuclear weapon early Monday morning.

CND also noted that the failure of the nuclear weapons states to disarm, as required by the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, will continue to contribute to nuclear proliferation.

Global proliferation of nuclear weapons has increased dramatically as the five nuclear weapons states signed up to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty have failed to fulfil their obligation to disarm and engage in programmes designed to build new nuclear weapons. (More)
The DPRK has just realised its first nuclear test, thereby confirming its
threats several times uttered since it announced its withdrawal from the
Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003.
This is very alarming!
The answer chosen by the DPRK face to the permanent threat the Bush's policy constitutes in its view is irresponsible. It is the worst possible for the
Korean people and peoples worldwide.

For Mother Earth Press Release, 9/10/2006
With the detonation of a nuclear test this morning, North Korea has crossed a line which it should have never crossed. For Mother Earth, member of Friends of the Earth international, believes that the North Korean nuclear test is a provocative military activity, and calls for a global ban on the production, use, and testing of nuclear weapons. (More)

Greenpeace: North Korean nuclear test condemned

Posted by Abolition, 9th Oct 2006 | Category: Opinion

Greenpeace Press Release, 9/10/2006

Seoul, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of — Greenpeace has condemned the underground testing of a nuclear weapon by North Korea. South Korea’s intelligence agency detected a 3.58 magnitude seismic tremor confirming the nuclear test announced by North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA). By testing the weapon North Korea becomes the ninth country to have a nuclear arsenal.