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Two new papers on the Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) web site related to the Trident replacement debate:

Nuclear weapons and the UK skills base
(Submission to a recent Defence Select Committee inquiry)

Keeping nuclear weapons or tackling climate change?
(Presentation at parliamentary seminar) (More)

by Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience

A small-scale, regional nuclear war could disrupt the global climate for a decade or more, with environmental effects that could be devastating for everyone on Earth, researchers have concluded.

The scientists said about 40 countries possess enough plutonium or uranium to construct substantial nuclear arsenals. Setting off a Hiroshima-size weapon could cause as many direct fatalities as all of World War II.

Plan to cut nuclear stockpile a hollow gesture

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Ian Bruce Herald 11th December

Federation of American Scientists said yesterday: "Prime Minister Blair knew that a new generation of nukes and expensive submarines would be a hard-sell domestically.
That's why he sweetened the announcement that Britain will reduce its stock of operationally available warheads from about 200 to fewer than 160.
"The gesture is somewhat hollow because Britain only has enough Trident D5 missiles to arm three of its four boats with a maximum of 144 warheads anyway."
The FAS estimates the Vanguard flotilla needs between 108-132 warheads in total, rather than the 200 held in depots or deployed on patrols.

The UN press release concerning General Assembly votes on resolutions on disamament and security on December 6, based on recommendations from the First Committee, is at:

For a commentary by Michael Spies on the US votes, see

CND Submits Alternative White Paper on Trident

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Five MPs together with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament are today handing in an Alternative White Paper to Downing Street. Gavin Strang MP, Katy Clark MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Linda Riordan MP, and Michael Meacher MP will join CND Chair Kate Hudson in presenting the Alternative White Paper to the Prime Minister’s residence.


Blair: we must renew Trident

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Tony Blair today recommended that Britain renew its Trident nuclear deterrent into at least the middle of the century, calling it "the ultimate insurance".

But the prime minister told MPs it would be possible to cut Britain's stockpile by 20%, leaving fewer than 160 operationally available warheads.

From: Guardian


Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp today condemned the government's White Paper for its commitment to retaining a UK nuclear weapons system, and for its failure to come clean about measures the government has already taken at AWE Aldermaston to build facilities to test, design and build a new generation of nuclear warheads. (More)

LONDON, Dec. 4 — Citing a potential nuclear threat from nations like North Korea and Iran, Prime Minister Tony Blair urged legislators today to extend the life of Britain’s nuclear deterrent with a new generation of submarines costing up to $40 billion.

From: New York Times


Block the Builders is calling for an immediate stop to all building work at AWE Aldermaston, until there has been a full public debate on today's White Paper on the future of the UK's nuclear weapons.

While Tony Blair was announcing the "options" for the development of a next generation of nuclear submarines, and promising a parliamentary vote in three months time, contractors were continuing their work on buildings at Aldermaston which are now generally acknowledged to make to the site "fit for the purpose" of building the next generation of nuclear weapons. (More)

On Monday 4th December 2006, British Prime Minister Tony Blair published a "White Paper" setting out the options for the replacement of the British Trident nuclear weapons system. The full speech to parliament is reproduced here.

Also on this site, you can find statements from CND, Block the Builders, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign), and news items from the Guardian and the New York Times.