Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The two major metalworkers trade unions in Italy (FIM-CISL and FIOM-CGIL), who are members of the Italian Disarmament Network, are pleased to inform nuclear abolitionists that the following amendment was presented by the Italian trade union confederation to the Seville Conference of ETUC. The amendment, which reads as follows, was adopted.

"The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) calls on the European Union to work to achieve a world free of weapons of mass destruction within the shortest possible time and, with the aim to convert war economies into peace economies, calls for major reductions in military expenditure which diverts resources from urgent development needs, and for new initiatives to regulate and control world arms production and trade."

A draft briefing paper by the Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War – Austrian and Swiss Affiliates.

Over the years there have been a number of proposals to establish nuclear weapon free zones (NWFZs) in Europe. However, due to Cold War
politics none of these were successful. There are a number of recent developments that are making the prospect of a NWFZ in Europe both more pressing and more possible. (More)
Activists today expressed their anger that the Ministry of Defence had transported six, fully armed nuclear warheads along the Edinburgh Bypass just the day after the new Parliament was sworn in. Citizens Weapons Inspectors from the Nukewatch network tracked the warhead convoy from the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Burghfield (50 miles west of London) to RNAD Coulport (35 miles north-west of Glasgow). (More)


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During the meeting of Bologna on April 15.2007 it was promoted a project: the “CONVOY AGAINST WAR , FOR PEACE AND DISARMING” that will start on May 19 2007 and will spread from the North-West, the North-East and from the South.

Aim of the “CONVOY” is to awaken public opinion and gather subjects that think to expand the present territorial conflicts on decisive points of a consistent peace engagement



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PRAGUE DECLARATION - International Conference against the Militarization of Europe

We say no to the US missile defence system in Europe

Faced with new US military plans to begin official negotiations with the Czech and Polish governments on May 10th, the signatories of this paper declare:

We voice our protest against the plans of the Bush adminstration to install a "national missile defence system" for the US on the territory of the Czech Republic and Poland.

To sign the call, please send a mail to:

Read the complete text of the call here.

At 11.40 am on May 4, the NPT PrepCom Chair, Ambassador Yukiya Amano of Japan, informed delegates to the 2007 PrepCom in Vienna that there was still no agreement on the agenda, and then suspended the meeting until 5 pm, thereby dashing all hope that discussions on nuclear disarmament will get started before the weekend. (More)

Final conclusions

"A Comprehensive Approach towards nuclear disarmament"
Conference organized by Abolition 2000 Europe, ISIS Europe, Mayors for Peace, Olof Palme International
Center and Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament.

European Parliament April 19th 2007 Brussels
During this conference we explored the possibilities and opportunities for the EU to become increasingly involved in promoting non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament. This conference was very timely in the run-up to the next Non-Proliferation
Treaty PrepCom from April 30 to May 11 2007.

High-resolution pictures of the conference can be found on