Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Big Blockade of Faslane, Scotland, 1st October

Posted by Abolition, 21st Sep 2007 | Category: Events
Hundreds of peace activists will risk arrest on October 1st when over a
thousand people are expected to join in a “Big Blockade” of Faslane
Naval Base. This will be the culmination of the Faslane 365 year of
actions against Trident, Britain’s weapon of mass destruction. People
and groups from all over Britain (and abroad) will use diverse
nonviolent methods to block the entrances to the nuclear base and
disrupt the ongoing deployment of Trident.

On Saturday October 20th a meeting against nuclear armament and new army bases will take place in Brdy (Czech Republic). Many mayors and organizations have already guaranteed their presence: among them Kate Hudson, chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Pol D'Huyvetter, Mayors for Peace, International Peace Bureau, Abolition 2000 Council, Swedish Peace Council and Network Against War. Mr. Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, is supporting this event and will send his greetings and statement in video format. Thirty mayors from the cities and villages in the area have confirmed their presence, but probably there will be many more.

Besides the physical presence, any declaration of support and solidarity will be appreciated and read during the event. (More)

Safety warning at nuclear bomb plant

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Britain's nuclear bomb factory has been struggling to remedy as many as
1,000 safety defects uncovered by the government's official watchdog.
And it has only been allowed to remain open because the Ministry of
Defence says the work it does is vital.

(From: New Scientist)


Speech by Jonas Gahr Støre (Norwegian Foreign Minister) at the Civil Society Conference at the 10th Anniversary of the Mine Ban Treaty, Towards Human Security, Oslo, Norwegian Red Cross, 17 September 2007.


Czech Communists to block planned U.S. radar base area

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Skorice- Czech Communists (KSCM) plan to stage on Friday a symbolical blockade of the Brdy military district, some 90km southwest of Prague, in several municipalities situated close to the site where a U.S. radar base is to be built, they say in a letter CTK has at its disposal.

(From: Czech News Agency) (More)

Britain in top-secret work on new atomic warhead

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Scientists are secretly working on the design of a revamped British nuclear warhead.

The new device, designated the High Surety Warhead is understood to be under development at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston in Berkshire.

The top-secret project is being run in conjunction with US efforts to build a range of modernised "failsafe" nuclear firepower for its own submarine-launched Trident missiles.

(From: The Herald)