Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

On December 8th a gathering brought together the peace movement and Mayors for Peace of the region of Mutlangen, near Stuttgart(Southern Germany). It was a historic day for the region to mark the 20th anniversary of the INF Treaty which was negotiated between President Reagan and Gorbatchov. Mr. Klaus Pavel, the district administrator (Christian Dem) and the Mayors of Schw?bisch Gm?nd Mr. Wolfgang Leidig (Social Dem) and the Mayor of Mutlangen, Mr. Peter Seyfried (Christian Dem) signed the "Mutlangen Manifesto"

Full text of the "Mutlangen Manifesto" and report of the gathering can be found on the Mayors For Peace 2020 Vision Website: www.2020visioncampaign.org

European mayors want withdrawal of US nukes from their territory
and 1,937 Mayors demand global elimination of nuclear weapons by 2020

Brussels, December 6th 2007 - European Mayors on whose territory US nuclear
weapons are deployed demand, in a remarkable common position paper, THE
withdrawAL OF the remaining US nuclear weapons from their municipalites. The
Mayors from Peer (Kleine Brogel - Belgium), Aviano and Ghedi (Italy), Uden
(Volkel - The Netherlands), Incirlik (Turkey), and Buechel (Germany) receive
support for their appeal from the Executive Cities of the Mayors for Peace,
including the Mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Florence, Manchester, and