Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The Scottish government has set up an expert group to investigate how best to get rid of nuclear weapons, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

The group, to be chaired by Bruce Crawford MSP, the minister for parliamentary business, is seen by many as a crucial step towards making Scotland a nuclear-free nation - and could trigger a confrontation with Westminster.

The group - which includes religious leaders, academics, activists, a lawyer and a trade unionist - has been given the task of finding legal, planning, regulatory and diplomatic ways to block the plan to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system on the Clyde.

(From: The Sunday Herald)


The following speech at the Munich Security Conference by the German minister of Foreign Affairs Steinmeier is a clear appeal to put disarmament again on the NATO agenda and follows his initiative together with the Norwegian minister at the NATO summit in December.
It is a quite positive sign, but it was a lone voice between the wolves. The debate is anyway going on inside NATO and it is up to us to create pressure to support this initiative. Please make sure that in as much parliaments as possible of NATO countries questions get tabled on how your government reacts to this intiative.