Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

From 25th to 30th August 2008, GAAA (Non-Violent Action for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons) organises a civil disobedience camp at B?chel nuclear weapons base, together with local activists from Initiative Circle against Nuclear Weapons. Following 7 years of public actions, calling on the soldiers in the base to refuse to follow illegal orders, and resist the deployment of nuclear weapons, the action will this year take the form of a civil inspection of the base, where people will enter without permission to disrupt the working of the base.

Website: http://bye-bye-nuclear-bombs.gaaa.org
More info in English: http://bye-bye-nuclear-bombs.gaaa.org/info-en.pdf


About 1000 people from 17 European countries went to the NATO headquarters in Brussels this morning to take part in the international non violent action NATO GAME OVER. 5 years after the start of the Iraq war and 10 days before the Bucharest NATO summit, peace activists from all over Europe show that preventing war starts here in Europe.

NATO agreements make European countries into logistical hubs for the US military. Through our ports, airports and highways the US war machine is transported to Iraq. And our own military is involved in Afghanistan as well. Iraq was invaded and Iran threatened because they are supposed to have, or to be developing weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile NATO has 350 US nuclear weapons deployed in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Turkey. According to international humanitarian law these weapons are as illegal here as elsewhere. (More)

Nuclear Weapons in Europe poster

Posted by Abolition, 7th Mar 2008 | Category: Action/Campaign News
The European Youth Network BANg and the German project "Nuclear Weapons Politics: Learn - Experience - Participate", have produced the educational poster "Nuclear Weapons in Europe" for schools and workshops, which can now be ordered!
The A2 poster with loads of introductory information on the backside is available in English and German.
Please go to www.atomwaffenlernen.info/inhalt/bestellung.htm to order your copy.
Those of you in the UK can also get in touch with Emily Freeman (), as she will have English copies to distribute there.
And please help to spread the word about it!