Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

1st July 2008 International Conference marking 40th anniversary NPT at the European Parliament, Brussels



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Please find here more details of the "Parliamentary endorsement of the Nuclear Weapons Convention".

H.E. the Ambassador of Costa Rica has been invited as a guest. Costa Rica submitted the Nuclear Weapons Convention at the UN General Assembly in December 2007


Brussels - Ypres - Huy, January 10th 2007 - The new Mayor of Zwalm, Member of Parliament and former Secretary of State, Bruno Tuybens (sp.a - Social Dem) became today the 295th Belgian member of the international network of Mayors for Peace. The Mayor of Tubize and Member of the European Parliament Raymond Langendries (cdH - Christian Dem) also became a member and brought membership up to 296 in Belgium.

Today over half of a total of 589 Belgian Mayors demand a worldwide ban of nuclear weapons before 2020. In the northern region of Flanders this is almost 70%. Remarkable is that in the Flemish province of Limburg counts the highest number of members with 75%. This is the province where the US deploys an estimated 20 nuclear bombs on the airforce base of Kleine Brogel and confirms the growing democratic deficit with regard to NATO nuclear policies. (More)

On December 8th a gathering brought together the peace movement and Mayors for Peace of the region of Mutlangen, near Stuttgart(Southern Germany). It was a historic day for the region to mark the 20th anniversary of the INF Treaty which was negotiated between President Reagan and Gorbatchov. Mr. Klaus Pavel, the district administrator (Christian Dem) and the Mayors of Schw?bisch Gm?nd Mr. Wolfgang Leidig (Social Dem) and the Mayor of Mutlangen, Mr. Peter Seyfried (Christian Dem) signed the "Mutlangen Manifesto"

Full text of the "Mutlangen Manifesto" and report of the gathering can be found on the Mayors For Peace 2020 Vision Website: www.2020visioncampaign.org

European mayors want withdrawal of US nukes from their territory
and 1,937 Mayors demand global elimination of nuclear weapons by 2020

Brussels, December 6th 2007 - European Mayors on whose territory US nuclear
weapons are deployed demand, in a remarkable common position paper, THE
withdrawAL OF the remaining US nuclear weapons from their municipalites. The
Mayors from Peer (Kleine Brogel - Belgium), Aviano and Ghedi (Italy), Uden
(Volkel - The Netherlands), Incirlik (Turkey), and Buechel (Germany) receive
support for their appeal from the Executive Cities of the Mayors for Peace,
including the Mayors of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Florence, Manchester, and

Madame la Maire,

Vous êtes sensibilisée à la paix et aux problèmes posés par les armes nucléaires puisque votre ville est membre de Mayors for Peace (Maires pour la paix), réseau mondial dont le Maire d’Hiroshima est président .

Abolition2000-Europe travaille étroitement avec ce réseau, c’est pourquoi nous vous adressons ce courrier. Les liens entre ONG et institutions sont une des bases des avancées démocratiques. L’abolition des armes nucléaires (actuellement encore 20.000 bombes sont prêtes à partir !) est toujours un enjeu dramatique de notre survie. Et nos villes sont les cibles privilégiées. Notre objectif coïncide avec celui du projet « Vision 2020 » d’obtenir pour l’année 2020 un traité d’élimination des armes nucléaires.

Pièces jointes : 1- lettre de Mr Tadatoshi Akiba, Maire d’Hiroshima à transmettre aux collègues-Maires que vous solliciterez, 2- un formulaire d’inscription à Mayors for Peace, 3- la lettre des maires belges à leur gouvernement.


Mayors of Aviano & Ghedi launch campaign for Italian NWFZ

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On 1 October 200 people gathered on the main square of the Italian town Ghedi, to launch a new campaign to declare Italy a NWFZ through a legal initiative. The Mayors of Aviano, Castenedolo and Ghedi were the first to sign the new law proposal declaring Italy a nuclear-weapon-free country. A very significant event, as Aviano and Ghedi are the two Italian cities where US nuclear weapons are stationed. (More)

Final conclusions

"A Comprehensive Approach towards nuclear disarmament"
Conference organized by Abolition 2000 Europe, ISIS Europe, Mayors for Peace, Olof Palme International
Center and Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament.

European Parliament April 19th 2007 Brussels
During this conference we explored the possibilities and opportunities for the EU to become increasingly involved in promoting non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament. This conference was very timely in the run-up to the next Non-Proliferation
Treaty PrepCom from April 30 to May 11 2007.

High-resolution pictures of the conference can be found on

Through a series of events in Europe from 2 to 7 July 2006 the “Good Faith
Delegation” launched the second phase of the 2020 Vision Campaign of the Mayors for
Peace.  Events in Great Britain provided a ‘preview’ of the new phase; the formal
launch took place in Holland; and activities in Belgium got phase two underway.  This
report covers the work of the Delegation under the leadership of the Mayor of Hiroshima,
Tadatoshi Akiba, President of Mayors for Peace. (More)

Brussels -Luxembourg, December 29th 2005 - Forty-seven mayors of Luxembourg have recently joined the emergency call for action launched by the Mayor of Hiroshima to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020. Following the failure of the latest NPT Review Conference a growing number of mayors seem receptive to the problem of nuclear proliferation linked with the lack of progress towards complete disarmament.

Summary of the 6th General Conference of Mayors for Peace

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Summary of the 6th General Conference of Mayors for Peace
Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings

Taken from Mayors for Peace website