Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

"Nuclear Disarmament, Let's Make it Happen"
Let's join together all youth in Europe & beyond who care about a future free of nukes!
We want to share ideas on what we can do to create a strong, young and creative peace movement for nuclear disarmament, and plan actions together!

The initiators of this meeting, Sophie Lefeez (Mouvement de la Paix, France), Giorgio Alba (Archivio Disarmo, Italy), Charlotte Wohlfarth (International Law Campaign, Germany) and Julia Kramer (Friedenswerkstatt Mutlangen, Germany) met during the negotiations of the Review Conference of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty in New York in May, and while seeing the negotiations fail, had the idea to invite youth from different countries & groups in Europe to find out what we can do, to make nuclear disarmament finally happen! It is our future, and we want it without nukes!

Join us for a weekend of discussion, planning and action!!


28th Oct.
- 8pm: Self-introduction (please prepare 5 -15min about who you are, your actions & experiences)
- Optional: Movie "The Genie in a Bottle: Unleashed" [English/Italiano]

29th Oct
- 9.30 am: "The future of nuclear disarmament: UN and EU foreign and security policy". Speakers: Rosa Massimo, Youth Expert in Nuclear Disarmament and Activist for Nuclear Disarmament (Archivio Disarmo) and local representative of Milan on Peace issues (to be confirmed). Impulse presentation and discussion.
- 10.30 am: Break
- 11.00 am: "Lobbying in practice: Italy, the EU and the possibility of a new security without nuclear weapons." Discussion with Italian senator(s) & mayor(s) (to be confirmed).
- 12 noon: Lunchbreak
- 2pm: European Youth Network founding discussion (name, aims, policies, activities, contact people, funding…)
- 4pm: Working groups (outreach teams/youth speakers pool; big events; organisational structure /logo/finance ; lobbying, nonviolent action, connections with peace movements,…)
- 6pm: Reports of working groups & discussion.
- 8pm: Dinner
- Visit concert/disco/pub: fundraising event & stall

30th Oct
- 9am: Evaluation of the meeting
- 10am: Streets Actions! Let's bring our actions, like e.g. the "Protection wall for international law" near the Duomo, when people come back from church
- 12am:  Farewell lunch

Place & how to get there:

Milano Youth Hostel
Adress: Via Salmoiraghi 1, cornet Via Calliano, Milan-(Italy). Phone: (0039)-02-39267095.
The Hostel is in the city center, if necessary use the red line of the underground to station QT8.

International Airports around Milano: Malpensa (40 km by train/bus 5€ 45min.), Linate (15 km by bus/subway 2€). Avoid the Orioal Serio airport as it's quite far (do not reach there later than 6pm)


To meet with the costs of the meeting, we need a contribution of 40€ per person. Because we need to book in advance, we ask a supplement of 10€ for registration after September 14th.
The contribution is to be paid upon your arrival.

A number of places in concession and travel finance support are available! Please email Julia ().


Local activists will provide some meals for us - please email Giorgio () if you are vegan/vegetarian!


Please send the registration sheet below via email to Giorgio ().

Registration for the Founding Meeting of a European Youth Network
28th-30th Oct 2005, Milan:

Address and country:
Organisation (if any):
Phone Number:

I am vegetarian/vegan: Yes/No
I have any special needs: Yes/No
Date of arrival:    Airport of arrival:   Date of departure:

I don't speak much English and need translation for my introduction: Yes/No
My idea for a name of the network:

Date & "Signature":