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Chernobyl +20 Walk (Belgium): Take steps to end nuclear power!

Posted by Abolition, 15th Nov 2005 | Category: Events
From Saturday April 15th to Wednesday April 26th 2006 For Mother Earth, the Flemish
member of Friends of the Earth International, organises a 150 km anti-nuclear walk across
Belgium from the nuclear power plant (NPP) of Tihange (near Namur) to the NPP of Doel
(near Antwerp) to mark the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The walk will draw
attention to the many problems related to the use of nuclear energy including reactor
safety; the unresolved problem of nuclear waste storage; the high costs of atomic energy;
the growing terrorist threat for nuclear power stations; human rights violations due to
uranium mining and the storage of nuclear waste on the lands of Indigenous Peoples; and
the proliferation of civilian nuclear technologies to military programs.

More info: www.motherearth.org/tour

It will also draw attention to viable renewable energy projects which demonstrate that nuclear power is not necessary. The project is organised with support and in cooperation with les Amis de la Terre Belgique, the FoE group in the French speaking and southern part of Belgium.

We need to choose energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, as both nuclear and fossil fuels are unsustainable and dangerous sources of energy. An exhibition will travel along with the walkers to inform the public of these issues. The public is divided on the issue according to a recent Eurobarometer survey. For Mother Earth also invites a first-hand witness of the Chernobyl disaster to meet with politicians, NGOs and press during their walk from Tihange NPP to Doel NPP.

For Mother Earth has been organizing walks since 1991. Twelve For Mother Earth walks have covered over 12.000 km in their campaign for a nuclear test ban, the abolition of nuclear weapons and a nuclear phase-out.


1,000.000 signatures for investments in renewable energies
The Friends of the Earth group calls citizens around the world to organise grass-root actions at nuclear power plants worldwide to mark the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophy. The environmental group also participates in the Friends of the Earth Europe 1,000,000 petition drive aimed to halt EU investments in nuclear power. The one million signatures will be collected until Autumn 2006. The following year, 2007, sees the 50th anniversary of Euratom - the European Union Treaty that promotes nuclear power. We aim to demonstrate to the EU the strength of public opinion against nuclear power.

Support the Walk

Support for the walk is very welcome on bank account:

For donations from outside Belgium (within the Euro-zone), use the following codes to avoid paying bank transfer fees:
IBAN BE94/0012/0551/7414

Or, make a secure, online donation, using PayPal:

Practical and route information:

Food will be organic and vegetarian/ vegan. Luggage will be on a support vehicle. We are looking for indoor campsites. Three organic meals, camp sites and participation costs only 10 euro/day. A very democratic price. Because of previous negative experiences the use of alcohol and illegal drugs is strongly discouraged. Do not bring animals. Please register as soon as possible - this will help us to make practical arrangements for campsites, food and agreements with local organisers and city and town councils.

Route of the walk

Saturday 15th April : Tihange-Andenne (14 km)

Sunday 16th April : Andenne-Namur (20 km)

Monday 17th April : Namur-Glembloux (17 km)

Tuesday 18th April : Glembloux - Louvain la neuve (20 km)

Wednesday 19th April : Louvain la neuve - Overijse (Flanders) (15 km)

Thursday 20th April : Overijse - Brussels (19 km)

Friday 21st April : Brussels

Saturday 22nd April : Brussels - Mechelen (24 km)

Sunday 23rd April : Mechelen- Antwerpen (23 km)

Monday 24th April : Antwerpen - Doel (25 km)

Tuesday 25th April and Wednesday 26th April : Action preparations in Doel

More information and a registration form: