Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.
Nuclear Disarmament: an Obligation under International Law that Must Be Abiden by Now and Everywhere, ... as much at Crozon … as at Tehran!!

At Crozon, in Brest harbour, on the site of Ile Longue, is located the nuclear submarines
base of the FOST (Strategic Oceanic Force) that represents 85% of the French nuclear
weapons, about 6,000 times Hiroshima.

News of Chirac's visit to Ile Longue

At Ile Longue, France permanently infringes the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT):
- by installing the New Generation of New Nuclear Sub-marines Launchers of
Machines (SNLE-NG).
- by equiping these sub-marines with new missiles (M 45)
- by equiping the M45 with new nuclear warheads (TN 75)
- by starting at Guenvenez close to Ile Longue a huge building site that costs 600
million € aiming at assembling new misiles (M 51) that will replace in a few years time
the M 45 that are being installed today!

These programmes dedicated to illegal, useless militarily, expensive and moraly
inadmissible weapons, cost 3,5 billion € in equipment –plus wages and running.

And yet the NPT Article 6 requires nuclear weapons' elimination under international law.

And yet on July 8, 1996 the 14 judges of the International Court of Justice of The Hague
unanimously declared: "There is an obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a
conclusion negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament in all its aspects under strict
and effective international control".

The Mouvement de la Paix launches again its 2004 Appeal supported by fifty French
organisations under the French Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament:

"In order to preserve the future of our planet and of future generations, we ask the
President of the Republic:
- for immediate compliance with the NPT and in particular with its Article 6 that
demands the elimination of nuclear weapons under strict and efficient international
- that France and the European Union take major steps to enforce the NPT,
- that the billions € illegally embezzled for these weapons of mass destruction be
allocated to satisfy social needs (education, health, culture, research, sports,
employment, environnement, social and cultural development in suburbs,…)."

The Mouvement de la Paix calls its activists across France and particularlaly in Britanny
to publicise its demands, to multiply actions and to contribute to the success of the
National Days for Nuclear Disarmament (JDN) that will take place on March 10, 11and 12,
2006 at Vitry-sur-Seine close to Paris at the initiative of French organisations members
of the international network for the elimination of nuclear weapons (Abolition 2000).
These JDN will notably discuss a campaign to demand the immediate withdrawal of the M 51
programme particularly developed at Crozon.

NB: the Mouvement de la Paix attended in 2005 at the United Nations New-York the NPT
Review Conference and led a delegation of 130 people to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August
for the 60th anniversary of the bombings. It coordinated a dozens of gatherings in front
of Ile Longue; the main ones were in 1990 (5,000 people), in 1995 (20,000 people with the
participation of Théodore Monod, Jacques Gaillot, Simone de Bollardiére, etc.), in 1996
(3,500 people for the "First International Festival for a Culture of Peace" with the
participation of Georges Montaron from TC, Dan Ar Braz, etc.). Activities were led in
cooperation with other peace movements in 2005 in front of the nuclear sites of Istres,
Valduc, Ile Longue, etc.