Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.
Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July 2006

You are invited to a conference to mark the 10th anniversary of the World Court’s advisory opinion on the threat or use of nuclear weapons. It will be on 6-7 July 2006 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Organised by Abolition 2000 Europe, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, International Peace Bureau, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.

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Other events in Brussels 6,7,8 July

The two-day conference will invite academic lawyers, representatives from NATO, parliamentarians, mayors linked with Mayors for Peace, and peace activists as participants. The intention is to identify relevant aspects of International Humanitarian Law and Treaty Obligations clarified by the Opinion and to make these available to activists in their litigation and in dialogue with politicians and officials. The proceedings will result in a publication, one of them of an academic nature, the other as a guide for activists.

The first day will concentrate on the legal implications of the Advisory Opinion with special emphasis on developments since 1996. After a review of how the Opinion was obtained, and a reminder of how nuclear weapons affect people, the majority of the day will comprise four legal topics:
1. The International Humanitarian Law aspects of the Opinion,
2. The legality of initiating military action and the Advisory Opinion,
3. Nuclear Policy Concepts,
4. Negotiating in good faith towards disarmament.
Each topic will be addressed by distinguished speakers from a wide spectrum of viewpoints.

The second day will examine the various options for a another request to the ICJ for a fresh ruling about the legal status of nuclear weapons in the light of developments over the last ten years. The afternoon session will present civil society initiatives linked with a Return to the ICJ. A considerable period of time will be put aside for discussion between attenders and speakers.
There will be ample opportunity for participation from the floor.

Speakers confirmed to date include:

Mayor Akiba of Hiroshima, President of the Mayors for Peace

Judge Weeramantry, formerly of the International Court of Justice,

Louise Doswald Beck, University Centre for International Humanitarian Law, Geneva,

Victor Sidel, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War,

Hans Lammerant, Abolition 2000 Europe

Peter Weiss, Alyn Ware, John Burroughs, Phon van den Biesen, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms,

Steven Haines, Royal Holloway College, University of London,

Hans Correl, formerly General Legal Counsel to the United Nations,

Commander Robert Green, & Kate Dewes, NZ Disarmament and Security Centre

Book online:

Download conference programme (.pdf)

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