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Trident Ploughshares action Camp, Scotland, 29/7-12/8:

Posted by Abolition, 14th Jul 2006 | Category: Events
Protesters Gather at Sharp End of Trident Debate

From 29th July to 12th August anti-Trident protesters will gather for a disarmament camp
at Peaton Wood on Loch Long, just half a mile away from RNAD Coulport where nuclear
warheads are stored and loaded onto Trident submarines.

The camp, organised by the non-violent direct action campaign Trident Ploughshares, has
been an annual event since 1998 and in recent years has involved a wide range of protest
and disarmament activity, including swimming into the Trident submarine berths,
intrusions into the secure areas of the Faslane and Coulport bases, blockades at the
gates of the bases, and "redecoration" with graffiti.

A highlight of the camp will be the blockade on Monday 7th August of the Coulport base.
The camp will this year have an additional function as a focus for training and
preparation for Faslane 365, the continuous blockade of Faslane which begins on 1st

A Trident Ploughshares spokesperson said: "While it has been good to hear at last some
public debate about whether Britain's nuclear weapons should be replaced some time in the
future, Trident is a current and ever present threat to humanity. That's what we will be
protesting about."

Notes for journalists:

Journalists are very welcome to visit the camp and take advantage of the opportunities it
will give for contact with activists, observation of direct action and lively images.
Please either contact us beforehand or identify yourself on arrival.

Specific Opportunities:

* Wednesday 2nd August. Camp Open day for local visitors
* Sunday 6th August, evening. Lochside candle floating ceremony in commemoration of the
dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
* Monday 7th August. Blockade of Coulport, from early morning.

Location: http://tinyurl.com/emddr

More information at: http://www.tridentploughshares.org/article983