Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.
The DPRK has just realised its first nuclear test, thereby confirming its
threats several times uttered since it announced its withdrawal from the
Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003.
This is very alarming!
The answer chosen by the DPRK face to the permanent threat the Bush's policy constitutes in its view is irresponsible. It is the worst possible for the
Korean people and peoples worldwide.

This announcement comes confirming that the strategy of permanent strain and suspicion orchestrated by the United States cannot but result in a more dangerous world.
The proliferation of countries who have the capacity -or sometimes seek it- to get atomic weapons is a very serious danger for the present and future. Being both strategic and political weapons, nuclear weapons unfortunately appear today as the only means to be recognised as a power that matters and to ensure a kind of security provided by the fear one fills others with. Isn't it the argument employed by de jure nuclear weapons states?

The UN Security Council and the international community as a whole must remain cool-headed. Anyone embarking on strikes - even supposedly targeted - would be as culprit as North Korea of foolishly escalating a situation with indeterminate outcome.
The North Korean people, already victim of a terrible dictatorship, must not pay for its leaders' policy. The Korean people's security must be guaranteed, as well as peoples' around.

We must urgently relaunch the international disarmament process! The only way to counter nuclear proliferation is disarmament. Means to verify it are up to scratch. The Non-Proliferation Treaty must be fully enforced, included its Article VI which requires nuclear powers to commit themselves to disarmament.

French parliamentarians will vote on a Defense budget that includes programmes to refurbish French nuclear arsenal. France must be audacious and send tangibles signals. It should freeze its programmes, give up its own modernisation, and undertake to convene a 4th special session for disarmament at the United Nations dedicated to complete nuclear disarmament.