Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

IPPNW Switzerland cordially invite you to attend a symposium, which will take place in the spring of 2007, from March 22nd to 25th on beautiful Monte Verità, above Ascona in the Southern Swiss Canton of Ticino. The general topic will be the „Growing nuclearisation of the world“. Specifically we want to discuss, if the time has come to promote Nuclear Weapon Free Zones in Europe and the Middle East.

More info, programme, registration, etc. on the website: www.ippnw.ch

In the past, in (not so) diplomatic exchanges, substantial mistakes were made by powerful countries critical of other proud nations with a long history. Mistakes based on misconceptions, mistrust and lack of respect. On the other hand certain principles, which govern the peaceful coexistence of nations have not been respected by local powers. Hatred here and there, posturing and menaces today increase the chance for military attacks, not only in the Middle East but also on the Korean Peninsula. As predicted, unfortunately global horizontal proliferation has increased the risk for deployment of nuclear weapons.

IPPNW in the past has received the Nobel peace prize for successful mediation between the former Sowjet Union and the Western nations. It is hoped, that discussions during the planned seminar again will contribute to a better mutual understanding of the problems. Furthermore we do expect, that the realistic goals of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones in Europe and the Middle
East can be defined and political measures towards such zones be discussed. In this context we consider it a high priority, to discuss openly, honestly and with respect for cultural differences between the participants. Speakers experienced in international diplomacy and knowledgable of the political and security issues in the Middle East and Europe will be present on Friday. On Saturday it is intended to deepen the understanding of the issues in a series of workshops.

We hope to attract people interested in nuclear proliferation and security issues and the ever
so necessary peacework in the Middle East.

A. Nidecker, G. Baitsch, C. Knüsli PSR/ IPPNW Switzerland