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Posted by Abolition, 7th May 2007 | Category: Action/Campaign News

PRAGUE DECLARATION - International Conference against the Militarization of Europe

We say no to the US missile defence system in Europe

Faced with new US military plans to begin official negotiations with the Czech and Polish governments on May 10th, the signatories of this paper declare:

We voice our protest against the plans of the Bush adminstration to install a "national missile defence system" for the US on the territory of the Czech Republic and Poland.

To sign the call, please send a mail to:

Read the complete text of the call here.

Most people in the Czech Republic and Poland, as well as in the rest of Europe, reject plans to host this system. We reject the official reasons given for the NMD project as mere pretexts.

The realisation of the US plan will not lead to enhanced security. On the contrary - it will lead to new dangers and insecurities.

Although it is described as 'defensive', in reality it will allow the United States to attack other countries without fear of retaliation.
It will also put 'host' countries on the front line in future US wars.

The governments of Poland and the Czech Republic recklessly risk unleashing a new arms race, jeopardising the present framework of international agreements on nuclear non-proliferation and conventional arms control throughout the world, but especially in Europe.

What we really need is disarmament as a precondition to peace and genuine human security.
To face the impending ecological crisis we need international cooperation and trust, not confrontation.

Peace initiatives, democratic and emancipatory political forces, women's and enviromentalist movements, trade unions and faith activists must come together in their resistance to this attempt to play one European country off against the other. We see our protest as part of a global movement against all foreign military bases and other infrastructure used for wars of aggression. It is a contribution to building peace in Europe and the world, and to empowering local communities to act together and proetct their rights and guarantee their public role.

European Union and Nato states must not participate in this new military adventure of the Bush administration. Peace remains our foremost task.

We demand of those responsible in the European Union, especially President Klaus and President Kaczynski, to listen to the will of the people of the European Union.
We demand that they act democratically and hold binding referendums on the deployment of NMD components in their countries.

We emphatically reject the attempt to legitimise the US plans through the back-door of NATO and EU decision-making. Across a wide range of nationalities and walks of life, we call on you: Together let us do everything to prevent Europe from becoming the stage for a new arms race and a new politics of confrontation. We call on all people to take part in peace demonstrations and to speak with and write to their elected representatives, members of government and heads of state, to tell them that they do not want a new politics of confrontation and that this will be remembered at the polls.

The participants of the International Conference against the Militarization of Europe
Prague, 5 May 2007