Abolition 2000 is a worldwide network working for a global treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.

The following is the text (just a quick translation from the Italian) of the Appeal launching a national campaign in Italy to declare "the Republic of Italy a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone". The campaign will use the Italian Constitution provision permitting citizens to write legislation and to submit it to Parliament for acceptance. Italian law requires us to collect at least 50.000 signatures of electors, each one witnessed by a public officer (Mayors, Chairman of City Council, Notary Public, etc.) within a period of 6 months from the date the signature collections begins.

We have already established a Committee of Promoters (about 35 national associations, NGOs, local government networks, and publications). The Promoters will submit the text of the Law to the Supreme Court on July 25th. Signature collection will begin in the first week in October, which in Italy is Peace Week, culminating with the Peace March from Perugia to Assisi on Sunday 7th.

Once the Law is submitted to the Supreme Court, we shall open up our website, www.unfuturosenzatomiche.org, for signatures of individuals, other associations, local committees, Mayors and City Councils, Parliamentarians, political parties.

The first two signatories will be the Mayors of Aviano and Ghedi, the two cities hosting the bases where the 90 nuclear weapons present in Italy are kept. __________________________

A Future without Nuclear Weapons
Let us begin now.

A world without nuclear weapons is an aspiration shared by humanity as a whole.

On the international scene, however, some countries are increasing their research and production of new types of atom bombs. Other States are modernizing their existing nuclear arsenals. And, consequently, we are witnessing an increase in the number of countries that are trying to add nuclear weapons to their arsenals in order to increase their power on the international scene.

In Italy there are 90 nuclear weapons. They should not be here. In 1975 Italy ratified the Non Proliferation Treaty, committing herself (in art. II) never to produce nor to accept on her territory such weapons. According to international law, Italy must refuse to stock these weapons. According to her alliances (Nato), she accepts them. We cannot have double standards.

International negotiations to free humanity from the nuclear threat are bogged down beacuse those who possess nuclear weapons are only interested in preventing anyone else from having them. But they are willing to give them up. Yet, that was the commitment they undertook when they ratified the Non Proliferation Treaty (art. VI): to achieve total and global nuclear disarmament.

Let us begin right here. Let us begin with ourselves.

For this reason we are launching a campaign to collect signatures for a Law Initiated by the People. In order to declare Italy a "Nuclear Weapon Free Zone". Like Austria, we shall become one of the 106 States in the world where nuclear weapons are outlawed. We shall be the majority, in the excellent company of all States in Central and Southern America, in Africa, the Pacific, and South-East Asia. And we, too, shall walk towards a future without nuclear weapons.