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Big Blockade of Faslane, Scotland, 1st October

Posted by Abolition, 21st Sep 2007 | Category: Events
Hundreds of peace activists will risk arrest on October 1st when over a
thousand people are expected to join in a “Big Blockade” of Faslane
Naval Base. This will be the culmination of the Faslane 365 year of
actions against Trident, Britain’s weapon of mass destruction. People
and groups from all over Britain (and abroad) will use diverse
nonviolent methods to block the entrances to the nuclear base and
disrupt the ongoing deployment of Trident.

As they have done over the past twelve months, the groups and
individuals, who will include Members of the Scottish and European
Parliaments and well-known singers and artists, will highlight the
illegality, insecurity and waste of resources inherent in the deployment
and renewal of Trident. Throughout the day there will be colourful,
creative and dramatic actions at the gates, including many different
kinds of lock-ons and sit-downs.

"This Big Blockade will be a carnival of resistance to celebrate Faslane
365’s achievements in highlighting and disrupting the illegal nuclear
deployments over the year," said Dr Rebecca Johnson from the Faslane 365
Steering Group. "We will join together to mark the end of this year's
campaigning, and to make clear our determination to keep up pressure on
the Scottish and UK governments to get rid of Trident and to take the
lead in moving the world towards the total elimination of nuclear
weapons, in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the
wishes of the majority."

As diverse groups of activists blockade the gates, folk legends Leon
Rosselson and /Seize the Day /will be providing music, and the renowned
Roy Bailey and David Ferrard will perform songs from a forthcoming album
about the Iraq War. A twelve-member choir will sing the oratorio
/Trident - A British War Crime, //by Camilla Cancantata//, /first
performed at the Edinburgh High Court in 2005. The Rev. Kathy Galloway,
leader of the Iona Community, will celebrate a communion service at 10am
at the North Gate with Clergy Action and Christian CND. Several Members
of the Scottish Parliament, including Marlyn Glen (Labour), Robin Harper
(Green) and Patrick Harvie (Green), as well as Jill Evans MEP (Plaid
Cymru) have confirmed their participation and will be available for

Since Faslane 365 started on October 1, 2006, thousands have
participated and more than 950 people have been arrested. Participants
have included elected representatives from Scottish, UK and European
Parliaments and local councils, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace,
Buddhists, Christians, 'Unity!' union of asylum seekers, artists,
writers, academics, students from the UK, Europe and Japan, atomic bomb
survivors from Nagasaki, teachers, lawyers, health professionals and
pensioners. Specific groups have come from many regions of Scotland,
England and Wales and from eleven other European countries, as well as
Japan and the United States. Prominent participants included the Bishop
of Reading Stephen Cotterell, former UN Assistant Secretary-General Prof
Sir Richard Jolly, Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire, Adrian
Mitchell, A.L.Kennedy, actor Roger Lloyd Pack and singer-songwriter
Billy Bragg.

For further background information on Trident, a summary of the
political context of the campaign, and a selection of photos from the
yearlong blockade see the full Press Briefing Pack on the website.

Contacts: 0845 45 88 365 / 07733 360955 / 07768 312 676