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EP report calls for global ban on nuclear weapons

Posted by Abolition, 5th Jun 2008 | Category: Nuclear Weapon News

The Kuhne Report on European Security and Defence Policy and European Security Strategy was adopted on June 5th in the EP Foreign Affairs Committee. This report on the evolution of the European Security and Defence Policy and the European Security Strategy is produced annually. This year it included (in paragraph 26) specific wording calling for a nuclear weapon convention.

Full text of the report

On the initiative of the EP Greens a specific paragraph has been adopted on the need for a global convention to ban nuclear weapons (para 26). This may be the first time for the EP to adopt such a proposal.

Para. 26. Is of the opinion that the 40th anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) on 1 July 2008 must be seen as an opportunity for the EU to promote the need for nuclear disarmament in its Strategy for Weapons of Mass Destruction, with a view to the Preparatory Committees for the forthcoming NPT review conference; reiterates its view that this includes the need for the "recognized" nuclear weapons powers to put forward disarmament initiatives, to make Europe a nuclear-weapon-free zone, and to conclude a global convention banning nuclear weapons;